When you need a dose of the blues you need Code Blues, stat. Code Blues is a band dedicated to the blues in its various styles, to performance and to entertainment. The guys will infuse you with the blues in no time flat. Code Blues to the rescue!

Code Blues is anchored my Bud McCabe on bass, whose playing style was forged dureing the 60’s and 70’s while playing throughout the club circuit in LA and Hollywood while playing on the bill with many of the greats such as Sonny and Cher, The Lovin’ ‘Spoonfull, Spirit, The Association and many other and honed in later years by the styleings of Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Jenifer Young, and John Paul Stinson on drums, who has played both with many Central Coast units and also toured internationally with headliner bands.Together they form a combustion engine fine-tuned for high performance blues.

The band was founded by Rick Munoz to provide a home for his soulful harmonica playing, forged in a blues furnace and road tested on stages large and small over the last 20 years. He’s also developed a persuasive vocal delivery that leaves no doubt that blues is spoken wherever Code Blues holds forth. Joining him on the front line is Craig Louis Dingman, aka “Big Daddy” , on guitar and vocal. Big Daddy brings a jazzy touch to the proceedings with emphatic guitar and vocal incitement, and maybe a laugh or two.

Come on out and experience how much fun the blues can be. Don’t miss a chance to see Code Blues!